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CES: Laptops sport designs friendly for remote workers

Top PC manufacturers Dell, HP and Lenovo emphasized at-home flexibility in their CES laptop announcements. Remote work has driven the need to be productive anywhere.


Evaluate if Windows 10 needs third-party antivirus

While Windows Defender, Microsoft's native antivirus for Windows 10 systems, is suitable for personal use, enterprise users may require a more comprehensive antivirus offering.

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PCaaS vs. DaaS: learn the difference between these services

While there is a lot of confusion surrounding DaaS -- devices as a service -- and PCaaS and what these services are defined as, but there may be less of a distinction than you think.


Remote work to drive portable monitor demand in 2021

Manufacturers like Lenovo, HP and ViewSonic expect high demand for portable monitors in 2021 as workers try to get the dual-screen experience at home.

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