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4 negotiation tactics for success in a Microsoft software agreement

A Microsoft software agreement requires skill and knowledge. Use these four Microsoft negotiation tactics to get the best discounts for a productivity suite.


3 Mac remote management software options for enterprise use

IT pros may be forced to manage remote macOS desktops, so they should understand the options they have for remote desktop management tools and what features they offer.


COVID-19 sparks software licensing issues with remote users

Organizations face a range of issues with the spread of COVID-19, including how to support a newly remote workforce. Learn how to address these enterprise licensing concerns.


How zero-trust authentication and architecture have evolved

Zero-trust architecture has spread across the enterprise security software market, so IT pros should understand the latest advancements in zero-trust authentication.

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    How to successfully implement MDM for BYOD

    It's not easy to implement MDM in BYOD environments. IT should communicate with end users to set expectations about what personal information the MDM platform can and cannot track.

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    How to perform a Windows Subsystem for Linux install

    Want to run Linux on a Windows desktop? Take these steps to perform a Windows Subsystem for Linux install, which includes downloading a distribution and providing authentication.

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    application performance monitoring (APM)

    Application performance monitoring (APM) is the collection of tools and processes designed to help information technology (IT) professionals ensure that the applications users work with meet performance standards and provide a valuable user ...

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