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Quiz yourself on building a customized Windows 10 image

With a customized Windows 10 image, IT can automate much of the installation process for users and deliver the exact configurations they need. Are you prepared?


Microsoft continues its bug battle with Windows 10

As Microsoft continues to battle bugs in Windows 10, some analysts and developers blame its quality-control process and a lack of services in Windows as a service.


What separates the top four web browsers on the market?

Google Chrome dominates the web browser market, but Firefox, IE and Edge all have a presence in the enterprise. Each comes with different management capabilities and features.


How desktop storage has evolved

Storage for Windows desktops has changed significantly as end-user demands and technologies have changed. Cloud-based storage is a top option today.

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    Step-by-step device provisioning with Autopilot

    IT can set profiles for its devices running Windows 10 and enroll them in Active Directory with the Windows Autopilot tool, but Autopilot does not cover many settings.

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    The complete guide to Windows 10 security tools

    IT professionals must carefully consider which security tools they use to protect their Windows 10 desktops. They may want to stray from the Microsoft path in some instances.

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    Can you handle setting up a help desk?

    Help desk software should not be an organization's only plan for incident management. An effective help desk should include agreed-upon timelines, a knowledge base and more.

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