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11 tips to improve Windows 10 performance

With a few minor tweaks, such as maximizing RAM, disabling visual effects and getting rid of unnecessary services, you can increase Windows 10 performance.


Microsoft Pluton chip will secure future Windows PCs

Microsoft said its Pluton security chip would protect data even when an attacker has physical control of a computer. Future Windows PCs will include the new chip.


How does Microsoft 365 extend Windows 7 support?

Microsoft is ending its official support for Windows 7. However, Microsoft 365 customers have the option to extend support via continued Windows security updates.


Google sunsetting G Suite unlimited storage

G Suite customers who enjoyed unlimited storage for years will have to switch to a plan with limits. Google announced the change when G Suite became Workspace.

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    A complete guide to troubleshooting Windows Hello

    Windows Hello has several common issues that administrators may need to troubleshoot. Find out what those issues are here and what to do about them.

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    Windows 10

    Windows 10 is a Microsoft operating system for personal computers, tablets, embedded devices and internet of things devices.

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    Set up Windows Remote Desktop on a Mac device

    Organizations that need to enable remote workers on Mac devices should consider allowing them to remotely access Windows desktops with the Windows Remote Desktop application.

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