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Don't overlook the importance of passwords

There are new-fangled approaches to enterprise security, such as biometric authentication, but tried-and-true passwords are still critical to protecting an organization's network.


Microsoft ships Windows Server and Windows 10 -- again

Windows Server 2019 and the Windows 10 October Update are back in IT admins' hands, six weeks after the company pulled them from the market when some users reported lost data.


What's the best way to deliver and manage Windows 10?

IT pros have a decision to make when delivering and managing Windows 10. They can use a DaaS provider, manage the desktops with cloud-based tools or keep everything on premises.


Use IT help desk tools to track, resolve and prevent IT incidents

The software that manages the IT help desk must allow admins to track, monitor and resolve incidents to optimize the benefits those platforms provide.

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    The complete guide to Windows 10 security tools

    IT professionals must carefully consider which security tools they use to protect their Windows 10 desktops. They may want to stray from the Microsoft path in some instances.

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    Can you handle setting up a help desk?

    Help desk software should not be an organization's only plan for incident management. An effective help desk should include agreed-upon timelines, a knowledge base and more.

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    Select the right security tools for Windows 10

    Third-party security tools provide value and new utilities for Windows 10 desktop administrators. IT should consider non-Microsoft options for patching, firewalls and more.

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