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Windows 11 bugs cause app slowdown on AMD chips

The flaws can slow application performance by as much as 15% on high-performance PCs for gaming and other demanding software. AMD said a fix will come this month.


Top 7 Chromebooks for business use cases

Chromebooks are high-performing thin clients with great ease-of-management features, but the market has so many options that it's hard to distinguish between them.


How to manage Windows 10 Power Options in settings

Any Windows 10 desktop -- especially one that users access remotely -- needs special attention for its Power Options to ensure that the connection stays live throughout the session.


The options for running Microsoft 365 on a Chromebook

Without access to the Microsoft 365 service locally, IT admins will have to consider a few workarounds to deliver Microsoft's productivity apps to Chromebook devices.

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    A client is a hardware or software device that requests access to a service that is typically made available by a server.

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    Microsoft Windows Hello

    Microsoft Windows Hello is a biometric identity and access control feature that supports fingerprint scanners, iris scanners and facial recognition technology on compatible devices running Windows.

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    Windows 10 disk management terms and tasks IT should know

    Windows 10 disk management is a crucial function that system admins should perform. To manage Windows disks, IT must know the difference between volumes and partitions.

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