More USMT installation steps

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  1. Before you start:
    • If you are just doing a couple of computers at home, just use the Windows Transfer Service on the Windows 7 DVD.

  2. Install the Windows Automated Installation Kit, including ImageX, USMT, etc. Just find a handy machine you can keep it on for reference.
    • Download the WAIK version for Windows 7.

    • Install a "deployment tools command prompt" icon, but it takes a while to find the USMT. It's easier to just go to C:program fileswaiktoolsusmtx86 -- or x64 or ia64 depending on your system -- assuming that that's where you installed the WAIK.

    • Note: If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, make sure you open this as administrator -- running the Scanstate tool without doing this results in the error "Unable to start. Scanstate return code 71." There is a nice description of error codes at Microsoft's TechNet. This one just says check permissions.
    • Copy the USMTx86 directory to a share or removable drive or some media where you can get it to other computers.

    • Copy the USMT directory to the source computer such as in the C:USMT directory.

  3. You may want to do this first on a test machine -- even a virtual machine -- Create a test user account, profile, docs, etc.

  4. Create a network share to hold the data or use a local USB drive. I used a 15 GB USB flash drive. Make sure permissions are set correctly.

Check out the full article on USMT by Gary Olsen.

This was last published in February 2010

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