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Top 5 Windows desktop security tips of 2010 (so far)

Check out what your peers have been reading in the first half of 2010 with this roundup of our most popular Windows desktop security tips.

The year is half over, and with luck, your enterprise hasn't experienced any major security problems. (You're keeping those desktop security resolutions, right?).

Regardless of the state of your desktops, you may be wondering what security concerns your fellow administrators have. Well, wonder no more. We've compiled a list of the most popular Windows desktop security tips of 2010 (so far). This midyear review includes a battle between Microsoft's desktop OSes, a guide to patch management and a breakdown of new security features.

Keep your systems protected for the rest of the year with these top tips.

   5. What can Windows 7's AppLocker do for you?
Thanks to AppLocker, achieving your desired level of application control in is easier than ever. Read how Microsoft's newest application management feature improves on software-restriction policies.

   4. Microsoft Security Essentials: When it may not be a good fit
Just because you can use the fast and free Microsoft Security Essentials doesn't mean you should. Why not? Find out the feature's caveats and pitfalls in this tip.

   3. Patch management guide for Windows desktops
Routinely patching your Windows desktop is a necessary evil and a crucial part of overall network security. But both novice and expert administrators often find patch management overwhelming. This guide can help.

   2. XP, Vista or Windows 7: Which is the most secure desktop OS?
Your desktop operating system may be the best in your eyes, but is it the most secure? See which system-- XP, Vista or Windows 7-- is Microsoft's safest.

   1. Cracking passwords in Windows 7
Weak passwords are still among the biggest vulnerabilities in many businesses. Find out how easily they can be exploited in this security tip.

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