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Access denied when connecting to a share on a Windows 2003 server

I have a Windows XP Professional workstation that is trying to connect to a share on a Windows 2003 Server in a workgroup environment. When I try to connect to the share on the server, I get an access denied message. I checked sharing and security permissions for this user, and they are set to full control. Is there anything else I can check to give this user access?
Share permissions can be complicated. It sounds like you have checked the first obvious thing. Both the permissions on the share and the security permissions on the folder must be considered before access is granted. The next issue is the user ID. In a Windows workgroup, you must be either using the same user ID and password on both machines, or when configuring the share, do so as another user by entering a password and user ID in the "Connect using a different user name." Here is a list of things to check:

1. Share permissions.
2. Security permissions on the folder that is shared (and permission on any files and subfolders you want to access).
3. Are you using an account and password for the server?
4. Check the local security policy of the server -- user rights. Make sure the user name you are using has the right to connect to the server remotely and is not denied the right to logon to this machine.
5. Check the local security policy of the server -- security options. Accounts limit local account use of blank passwords to console. (Don't change this. If you do, make all accounts use passwords).
6. Check to see if any changes have been made to security policy.
7. Make sure the local user account on the server is enabled, and not locked out.

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