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Accessing forgotten passwords

A client in your network can't remember his user name or password and you don't have administrator privileges -- what can you do? Site expert Kevin Beaver offers solutions to this popular problem.

I have a unit with Windows Professional 2000. In a teen group home, one of the clients set up a user name and password, which he claims to have forgotten. How do I gain access to this unit?
If you still have administrator access, you can simply go to Setting --> Control Panel --> Users and Passwords and reset this particular account's password. If you don't have administrator access, check out NTAccess for a solution to get back into the system.

Reader Feedback

Bill C. writes:
You didn't point the member with the question about the lost Windows 2000 Admin password to the free utility Offline NT Password & Registry Editor. It's quick, it's easy, it works, and IT'S FREE! I love it!

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