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Accessing programs on an older computer

Site expert Kevin Beaver offers advice on getting past password protection on an HP Vectra VL computer without having to fdisk the computer and reinstall programs.

I work in an isolated community as a teacher. I am also the computer support person for the staff. I found an older HP Vectra VL computer with password protection. The previous school tech support person is gone, our computer tech for our board is gone, as well as the previous principal. Bottom line, nobody has any passwords for this machine. Is there an easy way to get past this without having to fdisk the computer and reinstall programs? I'm assuming that it already has some good educational programs on it that I don't want to lose.
Good timing with your question -- here's a recent SearchSecurity.com tip that may help. Otherwise, you may dig down into HP's support site or even peruse the Google Groups for past hacks for this.

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