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Accessing the Enterprise CA screen without being on a domain controller

Site expert Jonathan Hassell explains how to access the Enterprise CA screen without being on a domain controller

I read Roberta Bragg's response that an Enterprise CA need not be on a domain controller and that it is not preferable and I agree. However, on my lab AD 2003 configuration, I can only get the Enterprise CA screen to come up on the domain controller. On other Windows 2003 domain members, the stand alone screen ONLY comes up.

A previous article for Windows 2000 mentioned that she installed it on a domain controller.

Any suggestions? The user I am installing is a member of domain admins and enterprise admins for the domain. Subsequently the domain member server I am on has AD configured as I can logon and do other admin functions.

The appropriate screen should come up within Add/Remove Programs after you select the CA under Certificate Services. The screen, called CA Type, has four choices, the first of which is Enterprise CA. Is this where you are seeing the screen?

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