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Active Directory preventing access through map network drive

I have an access problem. There is a server that I used to be able to access through the map network drive with domain/user password. I don't belong to the domain server. Now that they have installed Active Directory on this server (second server), I can't access through the map network drive anymore. I'm always using the administrator account and can only connect to "remote desktop" on this server or locally log on. Thanks.
You won't be able to do that. Once you added Active Directory on the second server, you forced the systems to either be able to authenticate absolutely or not at all. What I would recommend is that you get all the systems that you need to access into the same domain and then stop using the administrator username to access resources. Instead, create a new user accounts for yourself and whoever else needs access to the server resources. Then simply log on to your workstation as those accounts. Access to resources should be transparent at that point -- simply map a drive without being prompted for a user account and password.
This was last published in March 2005

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