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Are Mandrake and Win2k 'safe' together?

Is it safe to install Linux Mandrake v8.2 on my hard disk, despite the fact I am running Windows 2000 under the NTFS format?
Let me qualify "safe." Any time you repartition a disk or install, you put yourself at risk. So if you can make a backup, now relative installing Windows installing Mandrake probably doesn't pose any greater or worse risk. You probably will need to repartition your disk to make this all work. The Mandrake program DiskDrake will walk you through the process when you install. There are many, many people who have successfully accomplished this, so I would say it's a good bet you would be no different. The best thing you can do is read your documentation ahead of time so you don't misstep during the install. Also, the community version of the latest Mandrake, v10.1, is available for free download. If you are going to install, you may want to get the latest and greatest.

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