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Are there any major Windows 10 bugs?

Even in the early days of Windows 10, bugs have been minimal. Because Microsoft rolls out updates quickly, the small bugs that do exist are fixed in a flash.

As someone who uses Windows 10 in a production environment, I think Windows 10 is free of major issues and ready for production use.

Every operating system has bugs. Windows XP has bugs. Windows 8.1 has bugs. Windows 7 has bugs. Even non-Microsoft operating systems have bugs. The important question isn't whether or not an operating system contains bugs, but whether the bugs are problematic or disruptive.

The Windows 10 bugs I've found so far have all been minor. Windows 10 is a large and complex operating system, and I haven't tried out every conceivable feature. But I've found eight or nine bugs since Microsoft released Windows 10, and none of them are serious.

For example, one bug occasionally extends the Windows clock beyond the edge of the screen, cutting off the time display. A different bug prevents a Windows 10 machine from reading a DVD if you are accessing the device through a remote desktop session. Another bug sometimes causes live tiles to temporarily stop displaying application data. All of these (and other) bugs are noticeable under the right circumstances, but at least for me, the bugs haven't gotten in the way of doing my job.

The nice thing about Windows 10 is that Microsoft frequently pushes updates to address bugs and to add new capabilities. As such, a bug discovered today might be fixed within a few days.

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