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Are there any major Windows 10 bugs?

Even in the early days of Windows 10, bugs have been minimal. Because Microsoft rolls out updates quickly, the small bugs that do exist are fixed in a flash.

As someone who uses Windows 10 in a production environment, I think Windows 10 is free of major issues and ready for production use.

Every operating system has bugs. Windows XP has bugs. Windows 8.1 has bugs. Windows 7 has bugs. Even non-Microsoft operating systems have bugs. The important question isn't whether or not an operating system contains bugs, but whether the bugs are problematic or disruptive.

The Windows 10 bugs I've found so far have all been minor. Windows 10 is a large and complex operating system, and I haven't tried out every conceivable feature. But I've found eight or nine bugs since Microsoft released Windows 10, and none of them are serious.

For example, one bug occasionally extends the Windows clock beyond the edge of the screen, cutting off the time display. A different bug prevents a Windows 10 machine from reading a DVD if you are accessing the device through a remote desktop session. Another bug sometimes causes live tiles to temporarily stop displaying application data. All of these (and other) bugs are noticeable under the right circumstances, but at least for me, the bugs haven't gotten in the way of doing my job.

The nice thing about Windows 10 is that Microsoft frequently pushes updates to address bugs and to add new capabilities. As such, a bug discovered today might be fixed within a few days.

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What Windows 10 bugs have you encountered?
I have an older IBM laptop I upgraded to Win 10. When it awakens from sleep mode, most times the wireless network adapter needs to be reset. And many times, if the wireless network adapter doesn't need to be reset, Win 10 will crash.

Windows Edge stopped working, no longer found. Search stopped working at the same time.

Calculator does not open anymore.


One of MS's potential problems is the Auto rollout of fixes before they have been fully exercised in the Field. I have encountered a bug in a update which effectively stops an application from working.

It is difficult (but not impossible for stop the fix corrupting any reload of the fix) MS support does not give any confidence (see below)

My problem was caused by

Security Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB3087040)

causing applications to fail on my PC. I can no longer process certain Web Sites as getting the innerHTML fails in WebBrowser Control in a C# application now fails. 

When I revert to a previous checkpoint before the Update was applied and set the Network to Metered the PC works OK for an hour until the fix? is reapplied. The files must have been on the PC at that CheckPoint. 


I can appreciate why MS want to keep ALL PCs on the same level of fixes. 

Great in theory but a nightmare in Practice.  e.g when will my PC be usable again? 

I suggest MS modify their procedures so that compulsory FIXES are only distributed ONCE THEY HAVE BEEN PROVEN IN THE FIELD 

e.g Fixes would be distributes as at present BUT it is possible for a User to roll back a fix if it causes problem.

MS would provide a HOT Line (WebLInk) for Users to report problems. 

Only once no problems are reported the fix will become compulsory and roll out to Windows 10 home users. 

I have now reverted to an earlier checkpoint and by marking my network meter  and hiding the fix  using Microsofts WUSHOWHIDE I have stopped the Auto Update from reapplying the "Fix/Bug?" again and all is now working.

I have contacted MS about the problem and received two replies which read as if the MS support staff just press a button to send a hopefully suitable reply. They were no where near addressing the problem.

Hence if a User wants maximum "UP TIME" and minimum problems they will only apply the "TESTED" Fixes which are not Optional. 

Defender fixes may not be subject to this procedure and be instantly applied.

@Treadstone and @ToddLemm -- have any of these been resolved yet with new patches/updates? Have you tried to fix the problems, and if so, what worked?
storage management cannot access the hard disk can't seem to connect to virtual disk service
NO, still no Edge or search function and Calc still will not open

Yes the Flash problem has been fixed.on the second attempt. i.e. two faulty updates!

Edge browser has no way of saving a web page. You have to "Open with Internet Explorer" (5th choice in the ... at upper right).
Yes, Treadstone, agree with you totally. The Wi-Fi is buggy from sleep mode. Almost all my friends using various laptops faces the same problem. Sometimes the only way to solve is to reboot.
I have a 24 month old Lenovo P400 touch screen laptop.
After upgrade from Windows 8.1 to 10 have had random but frequent WiFi issues. Not just after waking from sleep mode but also while in use. Resetting the wireless usually does not fix the issue. Re-booting usually will not fix the issue. What almost always works is plugging into the hardwire network and WiFi will start working again. Ended up going back to 8.1 while I research this more.

The Wi-Fi issues, sometimes when I try to reboot, Windows 10 will just hang for 5-10 minutes before displaying error message "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you (x%). If you like to know more, you can search online later for this error: DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE".
Far too many of the endless, eternal, unending updates arrive as more bug than fix. Whatever worked last week may or may not work this week. And still far too few drivers. And still my trackpad is as jittery as a long-tailed cat at a rocking chair convention. 

The biggest bug i see is that I've been forced to work - without compensation - as a Windows beta tester on Microsoft's latest unfinished update. Or is that the price of this "free" upgrade.
Anyone here tried fresh installation of Windows 10? i.e. without going thru Windows 7.x or 8.x upgrades?
it's crazy that there are updates that get rolled out to ostensibly fix one issue but they create others. for example, my manager came into the TechTarget offices today and said he downloaded an update on his home computer (which runs windows 10) and now his speakers won't work. bizarre how that kind of thing can happen! why would an update even affect how your speakers work?

I have two systems that have trouble with Windows 10 - one is a Windows 8.1 system upgraded to Windows 10 - on it the display will usually not come back after the system goes to sleep.  Doing a Ctl-Alt-Del will bring it up to the options display, and when selecting "Cancel" the desktop will appear, but often only briefly.  If while the desktop is present, I cancel any apps that are running, then it usually will work correctly and I can then restart the apps okay.  I have installed a different video adapter and also verified the drivers are all to the latest level - one an Intel HD Graphics and the other an EVGA GEForce 8400.  The system is Windows 10 Home 1511 64bit.

The 2nd system is a Windows 7 SP1 system that indicates Windows 10 is available for it, but when attempting to install it, it will go to approximately 95-97% complete and then revert back to Windows 7.  It has been suggested I do a clean install, and I have not yet done that as I have quite a few application that I need which would need to be reinstalled - finding the installation files has been a problem so far.  It would really be very helpful if the Windows 10 install would indicate why it cannot complete the install.  I have not been able to determine that.

I have not even used Windows 10 yet, but it's interesting to follow the issues that others are having. Doesn't exactly make me want to jump on board!
If you're the type who's always left your laptop in sleep mode and need to be able to type away upon wake, best to avoid Windows 10 until the WIFI issues are properly addressed.
In my case, the Intel wifi link 4965AG is no longer supported in Win 10. Need to run a minidump to confirm. Getting the error "driver irql less than or not equal (file : netwlv32.sys)".
Did you try older driver, i.e. Win8.1 or Win7?
Really haven't had a chance to play with it too much. Intel mentions Intel wifi link 4965AGN..close enough? Have to commit time to pursue it.
Brand new system with Win10 (not an upgrade). Issues with Internet Explorer crashing and with The start button, search button and notification buttons becoming inactive. (within the last week).
Really not sure how you managed to establish that 'Windows 10 has no major bugs'. Just check some of the support forums! Win10 has some huge bugs that have resulted in a day 1 patch and numerous cumulative updates since. It's almost certainly the least stable version of Windows ever released and probably needed another 6 months work. MS new that. Everyone running it is just a beta tester really.
Sorry but with the way Windows 10 reports back to Microsoft means it is in its self a VIRUS and NOT wanted. We as a buainess or family will ever use WIN19 in it current state. LIKE Win8 it is also a FAIL.
@TBarrett -- I think Brien meant that lots of the bugs that have come up are getting fixed quickly -- like you said, there's already been a patch and some updates. Instead of releasing totally revamped OSes every few years, MS is planning on making Win10 the last big OS upgrade (so they say) and rolling out patches and updates on a more frequent basis. Do you think they're not fixing the important issues quickly enough?

@Sentar -- We also have a news story on the privacy concerns around Win10, you're absolutely right there, and other users have voiced concerns about that too (you can check out that story here:
Do you think the information Win10 collects and sends back to MS is worse than the kind of data Apple and Google cull from people who use iOS, OS X, Android and Chome?
Honestly there are huge bugs that still plague Windows 10 that have not been fixed. For example sometimes after doing an update or upgrading the UI simply is broken and you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to try and fix it. If it actually can be fixed. Most times you have to completely reinstall the OS.

There is also the problem of Files associations which get changed when installing updates with some PC's. Some users have even reported that no matter how they try to change it back, it will not work. I am having this issue with PC's in my office that refuse to allow the default printer to be set. You can set it but it doesn't stay on the printer it should.

So all in all Windows 10 is pretty bad but works well when it wants to.