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Are there any new Windows 10 Group Policy settings?

Microsoft keeps a spreadsheet of all the Group Policy settings for the Windows OS, and you can filter it to see which ones are new in Windows 10.

Every new version of Windows brings new Group Policy settings you can use to gain tighter control over Windows endpoints, and Windows 10 is no exception. There are too many new Windows 10 Group Policy settings to list, but it's pretty easy to see what is new.

Microsoft maintains spreadsheets of Windows Group Policy settings, and anyone can download them.

There are a couple things you need to know about this spreadsheet, however. First, the download link provides spreadsheets for every Windows operating system since Vista. Needless to say, you should use the spreadsheet named Windows 10 ADMX Spreadsheet.xlsx to see Windows 10 Group Policy settings. Additionally, the spreadsheet only covers the Administrative Templates included in Windows; you won't find any Group Policy extensions in the spreadsheets.

It is also worth noting that the spreadsheet can be somewhat overwhelming to use. There are thousands of Group Policy settings listed in the spreadsheet. Some are new to Windows 10, but most existed in previous versions of Windows.

To see only the new Group Policy settings, open the spreadsheet in Excel and select the Supported On column. Next, click on the Sort & Filter button, then click Filter. You will now be able to filter the spreadsheet to show only the policy settings that are new to Windows 10. Keep in mind that filtering the list in this way omits Group Policy settings related to the Edge browser. There are separate policy settings for the browser.

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