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AutoCAD will only work if users are given Power User permissions

What can I do to secure my Win2k on NT4 user account for AutoCAD? When I log on as administrator, there is no trouble; but when I'm logged on as a user, AutoCAD does not run normally. The only solution I have found is to make the user account a power user account, but I don't like this solution.
I think what you are asking is how to make it so an ordinary user can run AutoCAD? Is that it? Are you saying you must make the user a member of Power Users or they cannot run AutoCAD? And you are bothered because now the user has more rights on the Windows 2000 Professional system than you would like? If this is what you are saying, then I agree. I don't like giving users elevated privileges just so they can use software.

This is a fault of the software and ultimately must be resolved by the software company. However, you should be able to tweak the system so that an ordinary user can run the software. Usually, the reason the user needs elevated privileges is that the software is accessing or making changes to files, folders or registry keys that an ordinary user does not have the access to, but a Power User or Administrator does.

So to solve the problem, create a special group. Find the keys, files and folders that the user needs access to and give the group the access. Put the user's account in that group. To find the files/folders/keys, use auditing to find those denied access. Another possibility is to use the programs filemon and regmon. These utilities available from can be run before running the program and will trace the usage of files or registry keys.

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