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Automating Oracle or other database services during patching

Rebuilding Oracle due to Windows security patches? Patch management expert Jason Chan discusses WSUS and scripting as possible solutions to this problem.

Do you know of any patch management product for a Windows 2000/2003 based environment that will stop services such as Oracle or other database services before patching and restart them once the patch is installed? I have had to rebuild Oracle due to Windows security patches. I am patching manually at present, but I want to get away from this. I was thinking of trying WSUS, but I'm not sure what will happen.
WSUS won't allow this type of configurability natively -- you'll have to stop and restart the service yourself. For this type of overall control, in a large environment you're going to need a more full featured systems management application. These applications typically allow full or near-full control over every aspect of a system's configuration and operation. If you are working in a smaller environment (small number of database servers), I'd probably try scripting a solution to handle the service management and install the patches with WSUS or a similar patch management tool.

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