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Backup storage requiring multiple tapes

We are using tapes for backup storage. The problem is as follows: Backup is scheduled at 10:00 p.m. Once the tape is in, it requests a second tape. On the next day I insert a second tape, and it will continue the backup. Do you have a solution for this problem?
I'm not sure of the problem. I think it's this: The data exceeds the space available on the tape? So, I'll ask, how much data is being backed up and is the tape blank when you start? In other words, does the data require two tapes or are older backups on the same tape and hence there is not enough room? If the data requires two tapes, can a tape with more room be used? Can the data be compressed to fit on the tape? If older backups are also on the tape, use a clean new tape. If none of the above works, I'm afraid someone will have to be there to change the tape, unless, of course, you can obtain an automatic tape changer. Or, you might consider moving to disk backup. In disk backup, data is backed up to disk instead of tape.

Or is the problem that it doesn't recognize the tape left in the backup unit? You say once the tape is in, it requests a new tape. When is the tape put in? How long does this take? I'm assuming that backup must start before the message occurs, otherwise, you'd see it earlier in the day when inserting the tape and change the tape.

Or, is the system not configured correctly? Or, is the tape not initialized correctly? You'll have to refer to the manufacturers instructions for this.

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