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Best practices for implementing NTFS share on Win2k and 2003

My organization is considering moving off of Novell NetWare to Microsoft Windows for file services/file sharing. I'm looking for any best practices in the industry for implementing NTFS share and file permissions on Windows 2000/2003 file server within an Active Directory environment.

Specifically, I'm looking for information that would include the following in order to get a complete understanding of why each best practice should be considered a "best practice:"

  • Best practice definition
  • Benefits
  • Rationale
  • Implications

    Can you help me out?

  • A good place to start is the product documentation. While this is a Windows Server 2003 product page, the general information here applies for Windows 2000 as well, and there are useful links. Another excellent resource is the Microsoft article Windows Server 2003 File Server Role. This document provides information on the entire server, not just the shares. Don't forget also to investigate fully the other features, such as the distributed file system, and, for Windows Server 2003, shadow copy, which allows an end user to recover a deleted file.

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