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Bypassing policy when setting admin passwords

Windows security expert Jonathan Hassell explains the details of password policy for administrator passwords.

With Windows NT and Windows 2000, if complex passwords were enforced, an admin could bypass that by setting the password in User Manager or ADUC respectively. However, it appears in Windows Server 2003, by enabling the use of complex passwords, even an admin using ADUC must adhere to the policy when setting a user's password. Thus all passwords, no matter who or where they are set, would need to comply with the policy. Is that correct, or have I configured something incorrectly (or correctly, depending on your perspective I guess!)? If I want to allow admins to be able to set passwords that do not adhere to the policy, is there a means for doing that in Windows 2003?
You are correct in your assessment that once a password policy is enabled, all users, including administrators, must adhere to the restrictions within your policy. The only exception to this is during Setup when you are specifying the administrator password. I'm not aware of a way in which you can bypass this. I understand why you might want to get around this, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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