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Can Cortana on Windows 10 work in the enterprise?

Cortana brings value to the business world by providing quality desktop search and Web browsing functionalities.

Cortana might be new to Windows 10, but it has existed as part of Windows Phone for quite some time.

The Windows Phone version of Cortana gained a reputation for being a novelty feature. There are countless Web sites filled with questions you can ask Cortana to get a funny or sarcastic response. Personally, I have found the Windows Phone version of Cortana to be extremely useful in my travels. I use Cortana for everything from flight reminders to finding restaurants.

Using Cortana on a desktop computer takes a bit of an adjustment, however. It was originally designed for mobile devices, and desktop computers tend to be anything but mobile. Even so, Cortana can be useful on the desktop.

So far I have found Cortana on Windows 10 to be helpful as a desktop search tool. Cortana can find Internet and local resources. Suppose for instance you want to use Notepad, but you're not quite sure where to find it in the new Start menu. If you type "Notepad" into Cortana, the digital assistant will present you with a shortcut you can click on to launch Notepad. In addition, Cortana displays results that include Notepad-like apps you can download from the Windows Store.

Cortana is also useful as a Web search tool. Whenever you have to look something up, you can type your query into Cortana rather than opening up a browser window and going to a search engine. In some cases, you can ask for basic information and Cortana will give you the answer directly. For example, you can ask for the current exchange rate of dollars to pounds and Cortana will give you the answer. When Cortana doesn't know the answer to a question, it directs you to Bing.

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How will you use Cortana in the enterprise?
So, that document didn't really touch at all on the benefits/risks of using Cortana in the Enterprise did it. Sounded just like a Microsoft blog article to me.

Cortana in the enterprise would be a massive, unacceptable risk to many. Too much information flowing back to Microsoft with potentially sensitive company data. Any company with an ounce of common sense, assuming they decided to upgrade to Windows 10, would block/disable it without a second thought.
No sorry voice Cortana is not wanted or required in our business model.
We trailed voice and it only slowed the woek process.

It would seem WIN10 is NOT required or wanted in our model.

We will be staying with WIN7 PRO until 2020 or Microsoft fix the UI on/in WIN10 it is rubbish.

We use the "WIN7 Classic Start/Menu IU" and nothing else.