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Can I build a script for user identification?

I have been asked to test an application on a Windows 2000 Terminal Server. This application identifies the end user by IP address. It is a home-grown application used for a call center, which ties into a phone system. Can I build a script that would pull a unique identifier for any user logged into a farm of servers, for use as user identification?
As you've noticed, applications that identify users based on IP address don't work well on a shared server since everyone has the same IP address. I'm not familiar with the details of your application, but you could write a script to pick up the login name of the user and plug that into the application. You can also edit the Registry to make an application look for user names. Go to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\Compatibility\Applications on the Terminal Server and add 10 hex to the value of flags for that application. For example, the value of a Win32 application is 8, so a Win32 application told to pick up user names would have a value of 18.

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