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Can I control Windows 10 notifications?

The pop-up notifications users get in Windows 10 can be pretty annoying, but there are some controls workers can use to limit the number of distractions the OS creates.

Windows 10 notifications can sometimes occur so frequently, they become intrusive. But there are ways users can control the frequency of these notifications.

Windows 10 notifications are disruptive, but they can also be problematic if a user is recording a screencast and needs to keep the desktop clean. Additionally, the notifications sometimes reveal sensitive information such as the contents of an email message. But it's relatively easy to turn off the various notifications. Users can hide objects on the taskbar, which produce most of the operating system's notifications. Disabling the various objects is an effective way to decrease unwanted notifications.

To reconfigure the Windows 10 notification bar, right click it and select the Properties command from the resulting shortcut menu. In the System dialog box that appears, make sure the Notifications and Actions tab is selected, and then click the Turn System Icons On or Off link. Upon doing so, The Windows 10 notification bar will give users the option to disable individual icons including the clock, volume, network, power, input indicator, location and the Action Center.

If users aren't wild about the idea of completely disabling system icons, they can go to the Notifications and Actions section of the System dialog box for more granular notification controls. For example, there is a control that can enable or disable app notifications. If users choose to enable app notifications, then the lower portion of the dialog box allows them to select which apps they want to receive notifications from. Other controls in this dialog box allow users to disable notifications for alarms, reminders and more.

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