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Can I give permissions to domain resources without logging on to the domain?

In my home network I am running Windows 2000 Advanced Server and two NIC cards (one is a static on the Internet and the other is a static on local network). I have three computers on the local network that access the Internet through a router on a second static address. Only one of the computers logs on to the domain; this one has no problems. I would like the other computers to have access to certain domain resources (drives, printers) without having to log on to the domain. My kids have separate accounts on the computers that I do not want to disturb. Is there a way to give a computer permissions to domain resources without logging on to the domain?
Resources on the domain are protected by account names and passwords. When you use the domain member to access them, the domain account and password are automatically communicated. Add accounts to the domain for use by others if necessary. Then to create the connection to the resource, map the drive by entering the IP address of the server and the name of the share, then click on the "connect using a different name" statement in the Map Network dialog box. Enter the user name and password and click OK, then attempt the connection. Enter the user name in the domain nameusername format.

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