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Can I hide or deny access to certain shared folders?

I am the IT manager for a small not-for-profit organization that provides shelters and group homes for abused children. I am in the process of implementing new computers for the children to use. They need to be networked to have access to printers and eventually the Internet. We are running Small Business Server 2000 on Windows 2000.

My problem is that although I want the children to be networked, I do not want them to have access to the shared folders on the server. Is there a way to prevent a user from seeing the folders on the server? Most of the folders they cannot get into, but some are shared for everyone. If they were to be able to get in there, I can see the potential for mischief. Any assistance would be appreciated.

First of all, why are some folders not protected? If a folder is shared for the group Everyone, then just hiding its existence won't protect it. Add the correct share permissions for these folders and the underlying permissions for the folders and files the share provides access to. Next, you can make it so they are not browsable. Just add a $ to the share name. Still, no matter what you do, if anyone knows the name of the share, they can enter it and connect unless you protect your resources by setting proper permission.

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