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Can I install Win2k on a laptop with a swappable drive bay?

If you have a computer with a swappable drive bay, is it possible to install Win2k?

Q: How can I install win2k operating system on my laptop? Currently, my laptop has no operating system and it has a swappable bay. I can use a floppy boot disk, but if I do that, it won't configure the CD-ROM drive because it is being occupied by the floppy drive. I would appreciate any help.

A: Your laptop should be able to boot to the CD. If not, here's an option. Boot to a DOS floppy that has the system loaded (the Win98 install floppy would be handy.)

Use FDISK and FORMAT to create a bootable partition. You won't be able to make it larger than 2GB using standard DOS. See if you can get a copy of GDISK, a command-line partition and format tool from Symantec, to simplify the job.

You'll need to copy over the universal CD drivers from the bootable floppy. Then, copy the contents of the I386 folder on the CD to the drive. From the I386 directory, run WINNT. This will kick off the install from the hard drive. Because the CD is in the laptop, it will be enumerated along with the other Plug-and-Play peripherals.

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