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Can I manually map a printer to an LPT port?

I'm using XP Pro and connecting to another XP Pro system using Remote Desktop Connection. I've enabled the option of allowing my local printer to be visible on the remote PC. It appears, but my question is this: How can I map this printer to an LPT port? I need this because I need to print from a DOS-based application on the remote PC to my local printer. I've gone into the printer's properties but all options are grayed out, I assume because it's not really the remote PC's printer. Any ideas?
You should be able to manually map the printer; however, you will have to do so each time you connect. To do so:
1. Click Start, Settings, and then click Printers.
2. Double-click Add Printer.
3. Click Local printer, clear the "Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer" check box, click Next.
4. View Port Selection. You should see ports named TSxxx. Click the one that matches the client computer name and port and click Next.
5. Finish the printer installation.

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