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Can I use TSWeb on an NT4 server for remote administration?

Hello, Christa. We are not quite ready to make the leap to Active Directory and still have a few NT4 servers that I manage. I've been searching the Microsoft site, as well as using Google, trying to find information on the steps to take in order to use Terminal Services Web connection (TSWeb) on an NT4 server for remote administration, similar to what is available with Windows 2000 servers. I have seen reference to this on Microsoft's site indicating it is possible, but not the actual steps or required software. I have tried installing the latest Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Terminal Services software, but have not had any luck. Can you help?
If I understand you, you're trying to connect to a normal NT4 (not TSE) server via RDP. That just can't be done: NT4 does not have the Terminal Services service or the RDP server component. What you're installing is the client portion, not the server portion.

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