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Can NTAccess block administrator accounts?

I'm hearing a lot lately about NTAccess and gaining administrator access. If someone in my group uses this, will that keep me (as administrator) from accessing their desktop?
NTAccess is a software program available from www.mirider.com. It promises to allow you to modify the password of the built-in administrator account on a Windows NT, XP,2000 or 2003 computer, and not damage anything. You must have boot disks (setup/repair disks produced from the operating system's installation CD-ROM), and you must have physical access to the computer.

You should also note that you must pay for the software and do so by sending your credit card number in an e-mail, which is not a good practice. Online, SSL protected purchasing is not provided.

It might let someone obtain administrative access to a computer that is not physically protected. Note that most of these programs do not work with domain controllers because the local administrator account is not accessible.

If someone uses this on his or her desktop system and changes the local administrator account pasword, and if that is the only administrator account, then you will have to do something similar to regain access. However, understand two things: First, if the computer is joined in a domain, domain administrator accounts are able to access the computer remotely; and finally, you shouldn't allow this in your company. There should be policy -- with a punishment for abusing it. If users are not allowed administrative access, then they should be punished for attacking their machines, just like you would punish an outsider who broke in.

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