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Can we expand restricted user privileges to allow registry modifications?

We want our application to be able to be run by a restricted user. However, for some reason, the application cannot be started with a restricted user. Why? (I am no ace on user privileges.) Does it have to do with the fact that our application is making modifications in the registry? If this is the case, can we somehow expand the restricted users privileges to allow registry modifications?
Your application may be having a problem because of its modification of registry keys, its attempts to access files or possibly its use of some right that is not granted to restricted users. Only you can find out exactly why. But, you do have the correct idea here. The answer is not to give these users privileges they don't deserve; the answer is to find out exactly what the problem is, and either fix it by fixing the program (preferred) or by granting the small bits of additional access they need.

Ordinary users do have rights to modify some areas of the registry. Is the application placing its info in those areas? Does it really need to modify restricted areas? If so, is this really something you want restricted users to do? You need to sort out what the issues are and determine the best changes to make. You'll want to make the ones that keep your systems secure. This doesn't include giving them blanket access to modify anything in the registry, just possibly permission to change certain keys, if other application activity modifications can't fix the problem.

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How do I enable registry modification?