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Cost-effective password security

Have you been looking for a quick and easy, yet cost effective, means of stronger password protection? Jonathan Hassell shares his thoughts on two factor authentication and offers suggestions on how to get the most efficient protection for your organization.

I keep hearing weak passwords are a definite security vulnerability. I've tried to institute a more restrictive policy, but management won't go for it. What are your opinions on two factor authentication? Is there a method that is easier to implement than others?

Two factor authentication is an expensive but effective way to increase security, particularly if your management won't go for more secure passwords. However, I question whether your management would go for the expense of implementing a system like SecurID, which is also more cumbersome as you need a password and a personal device to do anything on your system, when they are frowning on simply remembering a longer password for a shorter amount of time. Two factor is great, and when coupled with strong passwords it's wonderful, but the most efficient use of time and money would be to lobby harder for strong passwords. Have you tried going the passphrase route, i.e., writing a sentence as a password and typing it in exactly like one would enter it into a word processor?

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