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Cracking a locked hard drive

Windows security threats expert Kevin Beaver explains how you can break through a locked down hard drive without having to send it off site for repairs.

We recently had someone enter an office and locked down a hard drive with a password. We contacted Dell Support and they want the drive shipped to them. Our problem is the drive belongs to our HR department and they do not want it to leave to office. How do we get the password removed so the drive can be accessed by the HR department?
I wouldn't want to ship a drive offsite either. Did they put a password on the system BIOS or the hard drive itself? Have you stepped through my BIOS hacking tricks outlined here? If you have a Dell laptop, then check out this chip reset solution.

I've heard that Dell can create a new key on the fly for you to use to reset the BIOS, but it depends on the actual problem you're having. If they can't, see if you can pay have a Dell technician come onsite to do the work. Even if you have to pay for it, you and your HR department will have the peace of mind that sensitive information wasn't tampered with.

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