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Critical Windows application can't print to network printer. Is it the firewall?

We have a critical Windows application that isn't able to print to a network printer in Win2000. The suggested bypass:
1/ redirect lpt1 to the network printer (net use lpt1 serverprinter)
2/ map the windows printerdriver to the lpt1 port

What happens is that it is now possible to print to that printer (via lpt1) in a cmd box (echo test^L >lpt1) but still not via the Windows printer driver (test page)

It looks like Win2000 doesn't see this redirection. Does it have anything to do with my firewall?

Any suggestions?

You don't provide specific information regarding the application but are you sure it is a Windows application? Is the application perhaps a DOS program running in the Win2K virtual DOS machine? From my experience, I suspect that is the case. I also suspect that when the printer driver was installed, the question during the installation to determine if this driver would print from MS-DOS program was answered with a "no." If the application is a DOS program and the driver was not installed correctly, you would notice the behavior you described.

This happened to me once. I re-installed the printer driver, answering "yes" to the question asking if the printer driver will print DOS programs. After that, everything worked correctly!

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