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Deciding on a firewall for laptops accessing VPN

Do you have a recommendation for what brand name of personal firewall to implement on corporate laptops using docking stations internally and accessing a VPN appliance externally? Is there a need to install a personal firewall on the laptop with policies already implemented on the VPN appliance?
I don't have a specific personal firewall that I like better than others. Just do make sure you get the corporate edition and settle on a standard so that you can properly maintain and configure it. I am not sure what you mean by accessing a VPN appliance. Do you mean that the client computers cannot access the Internet unless they VPN into your offices? Do you mean they cannot disconnect the VPN appliance and leave it at home when traveling? I am not sure what you mean by policies on the VPN appliance? Does it have a firewall? Does it monitor outgoing as well as incoming data?

Seems like you have three decisions here. First, is the VPN appliance firewalling adequate? Second can the user go around it? Third, if you decide on a personal firewall, will there be compatibility issues?

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