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Delete write-protected folders

Some folders are write protected and are a nuisance to delete. Find out how to get rid of write-protected folders with this advice from Jonathan Hassell.

I cannot delete a certain shared folder located on my server. When I log in as administrator and try to delete this folder, which is empty, a message appears that says "access denied, disk is write protected or folder is not empty." What could be the problem? I am using Windows 2000 professional for client and Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition as Server.
A few things to check:
  • Is the folder marked read-only?
  • Have you tried taking ownership of the folder and then altering the settings yourself so you have explicit permissions?
  • On the Windows Server 2003, have you used the Effective Permissions tool to see exactly what permissions the user account that you're using has on this object?

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