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Deleting virus blaster in Win2k Pro

I have Windows 2000 Professional, and my computer is infected with virus blaster. I cannot access Windows because before the system starts up, the system goes down due to the one-minute shutdown.

I am trying to access MS-DOS to delete the msblast.exe file, but the computer is not allowing me to do so. Could you advise on how to delete the file? Is there any way around it? As I said it is impossible to access Windows, as the starting up process shuts down after a minute. Thank you in advance.

Have you disconnected the computer from the network before attempting to boot the system?

How are you trying to access MS-DOS? Windows 2000 Professional does not include MS-DOS. Did you mean "start the system in safe mode?" You can do that by pressing F8 at the select operating system to start.

Another method to try is to boot from a floppy disk -- but you must use a product that recognizes NTFS, such as NTFSDOS, if your system is using NTFS for the file system. Once booted, you can then delete the file from the hard disk.

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