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Deny printing permission on Windows XP

Site expert Jonathan Hassell explains how to deny printing to other users on a Windows XP system.

How can I harden the system (Windows XP) so that the shared printer is not accessible from other systems? What is the proper procedure to harden Windows XP and can I get any links for this?
The most straightforward way on Windows XP to deny printing to other users is to right-click on the printer and select Properties, and then go to the Security tab. Select or add the users or groups you want to prevent from printing, and then check the Deny right under Print. That seals them off.

As for hardening Windows XP, a great place to start is SearchWindowsSecurity.com as we've a lot of tutorials to help you. If you're looking for a print reference, I should point out my book (coming soon in a second edition), Hardening Windows.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here are some links to help you harden your Windows systems:

  • Hardening Windows School: Beginner's checklist for managing patches
  • Hardening Windows School: Advanced checklist on network access quarantining
  • Hardening Windows School: Intermediate checklist on secure Group Policy design
  • Webcasts: Six 10-minute webcasts designed to help you lock down Windows systems
  • Tip: Roberta Bragg's 10 Windows hardening tips in 10 minutes
  • Dig Deeper on Windows legacy operating systems

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