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Disabling Microsoft Firewall

Ever wonder how to uninstall Microsoft Firewall, or if it actually even good idea to do so? Windows hardening expert Jonathan Hassell offers his thoughts on the matter.

Could you give me a step-by-step tutorial on how to uninstall the Microsoft Firewall? What are the risks of uninstalling the MS Firewall and installing a 3rd party one?
You can't uninstall any Microsoft Firewall solution as they're built into the respective products: the Internet Connection Firewall for Windows XP Service Pack 1 and the Windows Firewall for XP SP 2. To disable the Windows Firewall, go to Control Panel, Security Center, and then disable the firewall under the appropriate section. If you are still running Service Pack 1, and you have any sort of choice in the matter, install Service Pack 2 immediately.

There are no real risks in using a third-party firewall, although I must question why you'd want to do that. The third-party firewalls have more features, sure, but the Windows Firewall in XP SP 2 does a fantastic job at its core mission and is really all you need if you have an anti-virus program, another firewall on your router or other edge protection, and so on.

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