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Disabling communication between NICs

I have two Win2k Advanced Servers -- one is a Web server and one is the database server. Each server has two NICs -- a 10/100 NIC and a gigibit NIC. I will connect the Web server to the Internet using the 10/100 NIC (through a firewall ports 80 and 441).

I was thinking of connecting the database server to the Web server using the gigibit NIC in both servers. I need to secure the database server from the Internet and allow the Web server to access the SQL database server through the gigibit NIC.

Finally the question: How do I NOT allow communication directly from the gigibit NIC to the 10/100 NIC thus securing the database server?

The easiest way is to make sure your network cards are not configured to route IP packets to each other. This will create a physical separation between the cards.

Good luck.

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