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Dual-booting Win2k and FedoraCore2

I want to dual boot the PC with Windows 2000 and FedoraCore2 (with GRUB Boot Loader -- Linux). When I first install Windows 2000 and then FedoraCore2, I am able to boot both OSes and they work fine, but when I install FedoraCore2 first, then there is a problem booting the GRUB Boot Loader, and it still doesn't work after I use the /sbin/grub --install command with the required syntax. Is there any solution for this?
Sounds like Windows is overwriting some of the FedoraCore2 files, the GRUB Boot loader or the Master Boot Record on the disk. You may try booting from your FC2 CD and using Linux Rescue at the prompt. This should reload the GRUB Boot Loader and FD2 startup files. If this doesn't resolve your issue, check out Making Fedora Core 2 and Windows play well together.

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