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E2G spyware infection after a hard drive rebuild?

Windows security threats expert Kevin Beaver offers a helpful resource to visit if you experience spyware issues after rebuilding your hard drive.

One of my coworkers had a system that was infected by E2G. I spent a whole week trying to fix it and used many different antispyware software tools to remove it, but it did not matter what I did, it came right back. I finally formatted the hard drive and reinstalled everything. The system was Windows XP SP1, and I updated to SP2 right after that. Is there any way to remove this spyware? Thanks.
So, is the spyware still on the system? It's hard to believe it would be if you reformatted and installed everything from scratch. If it's still on there, then there's something that causing the infection to occur (i.e. tainted install media, interim Internet connections leading to infection, or perhaps infected files you may be restoring after rebuilding the system). This site outlines more details about this piece of spyware and removing it. Check this and contact us back if the problem persists.

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