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Fighting through troublesome malware

Some malware are nothing more than a pain in the butt. Others, however, can go as far as to prevent your most critical systems from opening properly. See what Windows security threats expert Kevin Beaver has to say about such malware here.

I have a Windows XP Pro and a virus or malicious file has my computer locked up to where Windows will not open: "access denied to object...". I don't mind paying for a program to fix this but I would like to download it to one computer and then load it on the disabled one.
This can be a tough one. I recommend going through my Malware Removal Handbook for ideas. The bottom line is that you'll need a tool like Winternals ERD Commander that I mention.

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Malware extras

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    In 2005, the editors of SearchWindowsSecurity.com brought you a learning guide that introduced you to three types of malware: Spyware, spam and viruses. Now, not only have we given you more information on these topics, but we have added rootkits and worms to the equation. This guide provides you with tips, Windows security expert advice, articles and more that give you a complete rundown on these five types of malware.
  • Malware Glossary
    Malware is everywhere these days. In every email or IM and around every corner of the Internet is a new type of virus, worm or vulnerability, and you need to know exactly what you're up against. With this malware glossary, you can get up to speed on malware trends and terminology, both old and new.
  • Malware removal: Four simple steps
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