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File access denied after copying PST files

My HDD was not booting up, and it was continuously rebooting after coming on to the Windows XP logo. I tried to reinstall the OS Win XP Home. When I tried to do that, it asked to reformat the C drive. I didn't want to do that, since I didn't want to lose the data. I was sure that the HDD was okay. I installed Windows 98 and then copied all my files to a CD including the PST files. I was successful in doing that. When I tried to configure my mail by giving the PST files, I get the error message FILE ACCESS IS DENIED. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE PERMISSION REQUIRED TO ACCESS THE FILE (THEN THE PATH OF THE FILE).

There are a couple of possibilities here. First, did you save the PST to a CD-ROM? If so -- and even if you didn't -- the problem may be because the PST file got copied and now has a read-only setting. To fix this, copy the PST file to your hard drive, and use Windows Explorer to change the read-only status. Then try the import again.

Outlook PST file format changed in recent versions of Office. If this is the problem, then you may need to import the PST info into a PST file created by the version of Outlook you are now using. Here's the link to an article with specific instructions.

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