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Finding the CLSID for ActiveX controls in IE

Through Group Policy for IE, you can set administrator approved ActiveX controls. However, only one non-MS product is in the list: Shockwave Flash. How can I add Adobe Acrobat to this list and approve it?

Basically, exactly which part of the registry can I find the CLSID for ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer? Because Acrobat also runs as a separate program, there are multiple CLSIDs. I would be willing to provide the ADM file.

There may be a more modern solution, but an old, free Microsoft Tool, the Active X Control Pad, can be used to find the CLSID. Install the tool on a system that contains the control you want to approve. Open it, and go to the edit menu and select insert Active X control. A list of all the controls on the system is made available. Select the control you want, and close child pop-up windows leaving you at an HTML display. In the block of text displayed, find the line classid=. The long string of numbers after the word CLSID is the class identification for the control.

To add the control to a Group Policy you'll need to add its information, including the class ID, to an existing .adm file or create your own. .adm files are text files, but entries must follow specific syntax. Some good information on syntax and on how to create .adm files can be found here.

If you create your own .adm file, it must be added to the Group Policy Object (GPO) by adding it to the administrative templates section of the GPO (right click administrative templates, click add/remove template).

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