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Future updates to Roberta's book, Hardening Windows Systems

Now that Windows XP SP2 is out, will any of the information in your Hardening Windows Systems book change to cover the updates in SP2? If so when will it be out? I know there are changes to DCOM and RPC in SP2, but is there anything else?

There are a lot of changes made by Windows XP SP2, and I'll need to update the book to provide recommendations specifically addressing these changes and how to best use them to harden XP. Currently the book emphasizes always updating with the latest service pack. The new security settings and possibilities of SP2 will both change recommendations on how to do X once you have the service pack and how to do the new hardening technique Y ... new ways to harden XP once you have added the service pack. Soon, also, we'll have SP1 for Windows Server 2003. That will mean additions as well.

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