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Getting rid of spyware in Internet Explorer menu bars

My son's IE seems to be perpetually taken over by products named "Fun Web," "My Way" and "My Web" search bars and "helpers."

After searching the Web, I've found the apparent recommendation is to "run the uninstaller" or do a regedit session deleting keys. I've tried these both, but it manages to reinstall itself again and again, even immediately after reboot. My assumption is that I haven't removed it at all.

Short of reformatting the hard drive and reloading the OS (Win2k), is there a way to remove and prevent these products from coming back? I want the IE to look like it did when I originally loaded the OS.
I think you're going to have to try running (several) spyware removal programs such as PestPatrol, Spybot or Adaware. This should fix the problem.

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