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How can I export local security settings to a template in XP Pro?

I'm having difficulty with exporting current local security settings to a template on an XP Pro box. The export option is not where it used to be in Windows 2000. I understand that SCA is now used to perform that task, but I don't know where to find it. I appreciate your help.
The Security Configuration and Analysis Tool cannot be used to export security settings into a template unless a template is loaded into the database as well. So, if security settings were applied with one or more templates using SCA, then you can export them into a template. To use SCA, you must add its snap-in to a MMC console (File -> Add/Remote Template -> Add -> then select it from the list).

To configure security on one machine and then move it to another, you must develop the security in a Security Template (another snap-in) then use SCA or secedit to apply the template.

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