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How can I password-protect AutoCAD files on a Win2k server?

We have a standard computer with Windows 2000 Pro on it that we are using as a server. There are two of us with full admin status. I have AutoCAD files that I want to password protect from everyone, including the other administrator. How can this be done?
You can set permissions on the files to keep the other administrator out. She could, however, take ownership of the files and give herself permission, but you can set up auditing and then you will know when anyone has messed with the file. There is no native way to "set password" on the file; however, setting permissions may help.

I am not familiar with AutoCAD; does it have such a capability within its own program? Another option might be to use file encryptions (EFS), but you need to thoroughly understand how this works before using it. Make sure you archive your EFS keys! (If you use EFS, make sure neither of you is using the local administrator account.) If one of you logs on using this account, you may become the default recovery agent and could read your encrypted files. PLEASE read all of the info on EFS and make sure you archive your files so you don't lose access to them.

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