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How can I reinstall Windows XP?

My computer crashed a few days ago when I started it. I tried to reinstall Windows XP from my bootable Windows XP Pro, but when I came to the point that I should choose to install on what drive, I decided the C: drive and it formatted it by NTFS; I didn't know that it used to be on FAT32 and after few stages Windows could not be installed because it found three probable problems.
  1. It read: Windows has found two file systems.
  2. I may be using third party.
  3. My computer is inflicted by a virus that doesn't allow C: to register.
Unfortunately I tried to format it at the MSDOS prompt, but this function is not supported and I get a "no fixed disk" error. How can I fix it and reinstall Windows XP?
You should have the option to delete the existing partitions when you are reinstalling XP, then recreate the partition from scratch and format with FAT32 or NTFS. If you just want to start over with a clean installation, the fastest way I've found to delete disk data is by using Partition Zapper, which runs about $12. There are other freeware programs that will do the same thing. If you continue receiving the "No fixed disk" message, trying running FDISK /MBR at the command prompt.

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