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How can I restricting some Windows 98 users from accessing network resources?

I have a small LAN, and one Win2000 server as a domain controller. I have five Windows 98 machines as clients. I want to restrict the users of three of the Win98 machines from accessing the other network resources. How can I do this?
I'm not sure what you mean by network resources. Do you mean printers? Shares? The Windows 98 machines cannot join the domain, and thus do not have computer accounts. What don't you want the computers to do? The users can have domain accounts. You can restrict their access to domain resources (shares, printservers and such) by using Windows 2000 groups and resource access permissions. If your issue is to keep three of the Windows 98 machines from accessing resources, one step would be to not have them connected to the network. I'm sorry if this is not what you mean. If you'll qualify your answer a little more, I'll take another run at it.

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