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How can I set up my network to distinguish between encrypted and un-encrypted packets?

I am involved in providing a security solution for an organization. We are using a customized encryption algorithm and, as suggested by you, we are going for a filter driver under a Win2000 environment, as LSP just below the application layer for deploying the encryption algorithm.

Now we have one problem: In our network we have two kinds of packets. Some encrypted & some un-encrypted packets. Now, when the LSP receives the packet from the Net, it has to check out whether it is encrypted or not. If it is encrypted, only then does it have to decrypt. Otherwise, it should be sent as it is to the above layers. How do I distinguish the encrypted & unencrypted packets? Can we add some header kind of thing to each packet? Please suggest the solution for this problem as early as possible. My work is stopped because of this problem. Thank you so much.

Since I've not seen your overall design, it is hard for me to give a good answer. However, it seems to me you can add some information in the packet header to denote that the following data is encrypted or not.

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