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How can I troubleshoot a frozen PC?

Sometimes users' desktops freeze up when they're in the middle of working on them. It's often easier to reimage the PCs, but there are troubleshooting steps you can take first.

A frozen PC can be frustrating to troubleshoot. There are so many different issues that can cause a PC to lock up, but the cause isn't usually obvious. In enterprise environments, it is probably quicker and easier to reimage a PC, but sometimes IT administrators must troubleshoot.

To start troubleshooting a frozen PC, first consider whether or not the machine is running a clean OS installation. If the PC has a freshly installed OS or runs a known good image and it's still frozen, then the problem may be a missing or incorrect device driver. It could also be a hardware problem, such as a bad memory module.

If the machine does not run a clean OS installation and it's not possible to performing a fresh install, then start the troubleshooting process by looking through the event logs. The system and application logs might contain clues about the cause of the lockups.

Uninstall any unnecessary software from the machine, then download and install the Microsoft Autoruns tool. Autoruns offers a comprehensive view of everything that is configured to run when the system boots. Removing unnecessary boot processes frees up some memory, but administrators might also need to remove buggy or malicious code. That code could be the root of the machine's boot problems.

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What steps do you take when a PC freezes?
First you need to Crl+Alt+Del any of the PC background need to end processes, once the system response immediately isolate the your networks or disable the network. If you know how to work on registry this is how you can get the possible malware, and also some running software like plugin must delete and re-install if necessary. If you re familiar to any software or maybe you visit any website that's mostly is happening why it freeze the system because of the scripts. You can also disable your script on web browser. Do not attempt to turn off systems usually try the best you can to get them thru your registry, C:/, and also Internet Options under Program, Add-On look the plugin there which is suspicious. As long the network is disable they cannot make any connection outside. Do whatever you can until you have time to backup too and decide if you want the PC to re-imaging but once you get them to registry you don't need to re-imaging the PC.