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How can SQL Server 2000 8.0 have C2 classification if it runs under Win2k Server?

How can SQL Server 2000 8.0 have a C2 classification if it runs under Windows 2000 Server? Has this version of Windows also been so classified? I don't understand how an application can be certified if the platform is not.
As you point out SQL Server 2000 has received the C2 security certification, but Windows 2000 has not. To understand this seeming conundrum, you have to understand that SQL Server 2000 was released before Windows 2000 and will run on NT 4.0. In fact, the C2 certification states that SQL Server 2000, as originally released (i.e. no service pack applied), has been awarded the C2 status, but only when installed on the Windows NT 4.0 OS in one of its C2 configurations, and only when configured to the Trusted Facilities Manual. That is, you must configure SQL Server in the manner in which it was configured for the certification process. You can find this information at this link. Incidentally, Windows 2000 has also been submitted for evaluation; the process just takes time. It's important to understand what these certifications mean. You can learn more about the SQL Server 2000 certification by clicking here.
This was last published in July 2002

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