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How can we make our automatic network logon script prompt users ONLY if their virus profiles are not

Our company downloads daily virus updates. When users log on to the network, a script prompts them to update their virus profiles. How do we make the script first check their virus profiles and then prompt them to update ONLY if their virus profiles are not up-to-date? We use Norton Antivirus.
This is an excellent idea! I'm not a Norton Antivirus expert, and you don't indicate which version you are running. I'm assuming you're not running Norton products that would manage all of this for you, or there would be no need for a script. I'm wondering, though, whether you are running LiveUpdate Adminstrator. This product seems to do what you want (i.e., have one machine download the client definition updates and allow you to place a LiveUpdate on the client and then schedule both the initial download and, 30 minutes later, the client update. By doing this, clients are only updated after the download from Symantec, so they're getting the new file only once.

Of course, since I do not use this product, you may be already, and you're problem is that sometimes there are no updates and thus already updated clients are re-updated. I've searched the site and not found documentation on any registry keys, configuration files or other locations that might indicate update status and thus could be referenced in your script. However, could you not check the file date? It sounds like this product simply copies the definition file from your administrator computer to the client. At any rate, you can download this product at the LiveUpdate & LUAdmin download page.

This was last published in November 2002

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